Modern consciousness is sleeping.  It is sleeping in a dark, unfamiliar, un mapped room likely with a thick layer of dust over it. A room with no lamps, light switches or matches and plenty of things to trip up on. It has been left in there, a vestigial organ no longer required for your 9-5 life-cycle. If lucky, psychedelics show themselves to you as a little shard of light shooting through the crack under the door. Potential illumination.

For some people and with some substances that door gets blasted open in round one with blinding, shattering light and never shuts again. This happens, rarely but it happens, please tread lightly at first. Others like the light so much they keep going back repeatedly, trying to keep the room permanently illuminated. They cannot manage in the darkness anymore.

These experiences become productive when we make the most of that illumination. Flood some light in, look around, admire your surroundings internal and external and start to explore, map some of it out. Bask in these experiences, as they let you see the beauty presenting itself to us every day and going unnoticed. Take the enlightenment from these fleeting moments to help you find your way forward, even in the darkest nights.